Fashion is our agenda


Style, fashion and passion….

FREEQUENT is carefully selected clothing for everybody.

We love fashion and think creativity 24:7.


Our inspiration is found all over the world – New York and Paris, London and Milan. We are where the hype is but for us it is simply called creative thinking with a global attitude.


FREEQUENT is the “Ultimate full-range closet” offering our customers the latest fashion under one brand. The many collections have both cool items and feminine styles with a soft sweetness.


FREEQUENT was launched in 2009 and is a new brand by name but behind the scene there is a professional team of highly skilled and dedicated people who all have a long history of close relations with our carefully selected partners from all over the world.






All vacancies will be posted on this site.


We always welcome applications from skilled and flexible candidates. These will be kept in our database for a period of twelve months.

All application is handeled with utmost confidentiality.


We would expect the application to contain the following;

• CV

• Passport photo

• Which position you are applying for

• Why you are the right person for the job

• What qualities you can bring to the company


To apply for any position please send your CV to or post it to below address


Brands of Scandinavia a/s

Birkemosevej 11B

6000 Kolding

Please state on the envelope which

position you are applying for.




FREEQUENT – careful environmental consideration.


Environmental issues can be crucial for any company and therefore FREEQUENT makes a virtue of maintaining an extremely high consumer safety.


We do our utmost to prevent that both people as well as the environment are exposed of any harmful chemicals. A close dialogue, our long term relations with our suppliers and an ongoing control of our goods helps us ensure a high level of safety.


If we experience any kind of questionable products we immediately close down the production while the circumstances are being investigated but despite the great efforts there are unfortunately no 100 % guarantees.


Our customers are our most valuable asset and we believe that keeping a strict control of our production and acting fast and efficient when any challenges occur is the best way to maintain a loyal customer base.

Vi søger en Salgskoordinator



Brands of Scandinavia a/s

Birkemosevej 11B · DK-6000 Kolding

phone +45 70 70 11 19

VAT 31937817